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Scouts tell what's happening outside the camp

Throughout human history, scouts have had an important role in providing leaders with essential information for strategic decisions. Scouts report on what's happening in the surrounding area.

In military, called forward observers ...

In government, called intelligence agents ...

In business, called market researchers ...

In athletics, called sports scouts ...

Here, called church scouts ...

Strategic information
for decision-makers in Twin Cities churches
Scouts gather ... analyze ... organize ... and deliver facts online!
Powerful 6-minute video
of street interviews
We stopped Millennials at random on Minneapolis streets and asked what they think about the Bible. CLICK video to hear what they said. Big challenge for the church!
Multisite churches
in Twin Cities
How many multisites in our metro? What locations? What sizes? What denominations? What growth/decline? Overall success? CLICK to see the stats.

Church Scouts

Church Scouts is a group of Christian business professionals who volunteer time, skills and money to help Twin Cities churches.

They gather data on local churches and on the changing demographics and spiritual climate ... then report on this site to pastors and church leaders, providing essential facts and analysis for major decisions regarding church growth.

Church Scouts is an independent information network, not affiliated in any way with any church, school, denomination, business or other organization.

This is a ministry to Twin Cities churches, began 2017, growing and improving every month. Never any charge. No solicitations, advertising or endorsements.

Why? Informed leaders make better leaders.

Whole Church

In the Bible, 'church' is all believers in a geographic area, as the church in Corinth, Ephesus, Thessalonica, Rome, etc.

The WHOLE CHURCHof the Twin Cities is comprised of more than 3,400 individual congregations. It's impossible for anyone to know and visit all these individual churches and hold a composite picture in mind. The only way to see the WHOLE CHURCH is throughstatistics and reports from scouts.

This site is the only place where you can see the WHOLE CHURCH of the Twin Cities, track its component parts in detail, and survey the whole spiritual landscape.

Here you find facts from careful observation and professional research. Not wishes, opinions or personal perceptions. Just important facts about what's happening within and around Twin Cities churches, and projections into the future.

Changes bring opportunities

Because of rapid changes in culture and demographics, statistics reported here show mostly a disappointing story of what's happening in Twin Cities churches at the present time.

But the good news is that change brings new opportunities. Churches are usually slow to adjust to change, but many churches are discovering effective new approaches for presenting the Gospel and making disciples in this new environment.

This site reports both problems and opportunities in factual detail, giving Twin Cities pastors and church leaders important information for decision-making.

Most churches are slowly shrinking, but some are exploding with growth. This site explains the differences. Here you get vital information for making decisions about the growth track for your church.