How to get it

Available only for Twin Cities churches with 200+ worship attendance
There are only two people who ever see your raw data or know your church ID number
Richard Lundborg
850 Nine Mile Cove
Hopkins MN 55343
David Prin
10728 Kiawah Drive
Eden Prairie MN 55344
You may contact them for help at any time
How to get Dashboard for your church:
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This is the Input Sheet with instructions. If you have unanswered questions, you can contact one of the persons named above ... or you can simply tell the appropriate person on your staff to follow the four steps on this sheet and get started right now. Your Dashboard will be online and ready to use about five days after your inputs are received.
IDEA: Use numbers as catalyst for change
When the numbers don't look good, don't hide them ... makes matters worse for long run ... instead use the numbers as reasons for making changes now ... use them for getting full understanding, developing plans and enlisting support.
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