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All key information in one package
Statistical data is not primarily for historical purposes, but for good analysis, planning and decision-making to shape the future.
Data is not very useful when fragmented, as when attendance data is in a file cabinet ... when financial data is in someone's computer ... when staffing levels need to be derived from old payroll records ... when data from some functions four or five years ago can't even be found. Dashboard pulls everything together in one neat well-organized package.
All data is digitized so it can be easily and quickly displayed online, automatically formatted to viewer's screen size, sent by email, and printed on desktop printers. All data is stored in the cloud so that when one person leaves everything remains intact and understandable for the next person to take over.
Summarized, analyzed and charted
Raw data is difficult to hold in mind and analyze. It doesn't take long before numbers become a blur and the mind gets weary trying to interpret functional relationships. In the modern world, we need computer assistance.
Dashboard converts the raw numbers into percentages of a base year, allowing meaningful comparisons between different entities, such as comparing attendance growth (people) with income growth (dollars) ... one year with other years ... or one church with other churches.
Dashboard also converts raw numbers into averages and ratios, such as number of dollars received per week per average attender per year per church ... or the staff-to-attender ratio per function per period per church ... or cost per person for a worship service per year per church.
Even with the consistent gathering, categorization and conversion of data into summaries, percentages, averages and ratios, it's difficult to comprehend the whole picture. So Dashboard expresses everything in 20 comparison charts, where the different functions, years and churches are set side-by-side visually in color. This enables pastor, staff and members of the church board/council to see the church with clarity never before seen.
Online instant access
Dashboard puts your church data, analysis and comparisons online, instantly available at any time and place with just a simple access code, as, for example.
The access code is given only to pastor or designee, but using personal discretion the pastor can authorize giving it to other people in leadership, usually staff and members of the governing board.
Dashboard is a private site, but Panel 7 in the site has buttons that open to various sections of the Church Scouts public website ( The public part contains a wealth of information about the changing culture surrounding the church.
People 'get it' when they see it
A big part of pastor's job is to persuade people, not only about the gospel but also about the organization. The leader must be well informed, make issues clear, and motivate others to take coordinated action.
Examples: While meeting with a committee chairman, pastor in office turns to desktop computer to illustrate an important trend ... refers to stats during a staff meeting ... pulls out cell phone at restaurant lunch to show graphs when recruiting a church member to take responsibility for a particular activity ... prints on desktop printer and then hands out a chart to make a key point in a meeting of the church governing board ... gives access code to a new board/council member as part of orientation to bring the new member up to speed fast ...
Respect, influence and action are enhanced when pastor knows more that anyone about every aspect of the church, about the changing community culture, and about what's happening in other churches, and can talk and explain comfortably about these issues.
People often have different perceptions of reality until they see it in facts and figures, especially until they see it in charts and graphs. Visual images make a big impact and are not easily forgotten.
Better, bolder, faster decisions
When all participants are looking at the same data – 'on the same page' – decision-making becomes easier. There is less debate, less procrastination, and greater confidence. Decisions are better, bolder, faster. The church is stronger.
Dashboard helps move the leadership team from feelings-based to fact-based, from short-term to long-term.
No cost, no work, no maintenance
Dashboard is a gift to pastors from Church Scouts, a group of local Christian business professionals who volunteer skills and resources to assist Twin Cities churches. They know how important a dashboard is to business executives, and now they bring this amazing tool to church executives.
This a ministry, not a business, doing things together that individual churches cannot do alone.
There is never any charge of any kind for your Dashboard, and it never contains any advertising or solicitation.
There is no hardware to buy or maintain, no software to install or update. Everything is modern cloud-based. The only cost to you is about an hour of your time to photocopy and mail some pages from your old annual reports (what you gave to your congregation) and some attendance and staffing numbers. All data entry is done for you.
Dashboard was designed and built specifically for Twin Cities pastors. It is an independent system, not derived from, or connected with, any other system. Your data is held in strictest confidence. Raw numbers are never shared (only percentages) except as pastor gives the private access code to individual leaders in the church. Churches are never mentioned by name, only by ID number.
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