Benefits and Uses

InsightGraphs enable you to compare operating percentage data from your church with operating percentage data from other Twin Cities churches. You get 18 powerful graphs to see the movement and interactions of your church with clarity never before seen!
Making comparisons is an essential part of management. Compare one year with another ... compare one function with another ... compare one cost with another ... compare one church with another ... Comparisons enable you to easily spot problems and opportunities and to determine good courses of action.

Benefits and uses

PERCENTAGES – When you use InsightGraphs, all raw numbers are converted to percentages for easy comparisons and for confidentiality

VISUAL – Uniform colorful graphs are easier to understand than tables of numbers in varying formats

COMPACT – Five years data covering all aspects of your church, and five other local churches, compressed neatly into just 18 graphs

CONTINUITY – Your archival records with the most important information kept together in one place, with consistent reporting, even as people rotate in and out of church positions

ONLINE – All essential data online, password protected, for instant access on computer, tablet or smart phone at any time or any place

TRENDS – Covers five years, clearly revealing underlying trends in your church and community

SAVES TIME – Saves considerable time in data gathering, analysis, material prep and distribution; Church Scouts does everything for you, even the data entry

RECRUITMENT – Your most capable church members with planning and management skills honed outside of the church will be more willing to serve on the board/council if good data and analysis is available for guidance

TRAINING – Excellent orientation for new staff and board/council members, bringing them up to speed quickly

OTHER CHURCHES – Shows not only what's happening in your church, but also what's happening in churches around you

CONFIDENTIAL – InsightGraphs never names your church (only ID number) and never gives raw numbers (only percentages), so no one can ever know identity of another church

BETTER DECISIONS – More facts and analysis result in better decisions about strategy and allocation of resources

BOLDER DECISIONS – More clarity and measurement give confidence needed for making bold decisions that make big differences

FASTER DECISIONS – Uncertainty is reduced so decision-makers spend less time in discussion and deferrals, equipped to act quickly as needed

TECHNOLOGY – Your church gets the benefit of modern information technology without any cost or training for computers, software, servers and staffing; even data input is done for you

Key points

DECISIONS – The purpose of InsightGraphs is not primarily for historical record, but rather for planning and decision-making

MISSION COMPONENTS – Every number on every graph represents a person, an hour or a dollar, entrusted to leaders for carrying out the church's mission

PRECISION – Numbers replace vague words like some, few, many, less, more with specific measurement for communicating with greater precision

BUSINESS PART – InsightGraphs tell everything essential to know about the business part of your church – priorities, attendance, income, expenses, assets, liabilities, trends, and levels of efficiency and effectiveness; if the business part is not good, the ministry part suffers greatly

DILIGENCE – We should give at least as much diligence management of our churches as we give to management of our businesses; analytics is an essential part of modern management

COMPUTER GRAPHICS – These graphs convey information that until now has been too complex to hold in comprehension with aid of computer processing and graphics

EVERYONE ON SAME PAGE – When leaders confront the key facts about the church on the same page at the same time, in the same room, then discussion and decision-making becomes better, bolder, faster

QUANTITATIVE – The gospel (changed lives) is qualitative,but the church's mission (making disciples) is quantitative; the church needs both perspectives

COMPARISON SIGNALS – Signals revealed by the graphs in comparison with other churches cause major rethinking about priorities, strategies and allocations of time and money

ORIENTATION – People are constantly rotating in and out of leadership positions; often they don't fully understand the issues constraining church growth, don't see opportunities, or lack confidence for making big decisions; InsightGraphs get new leaders oriented fast

MOVEMENT – InsightGraphs are not static; they reveal trends and speeds to show how ministry is moving in your church and churches around you

FREE – There is no cost for InsightGraphs. This is a free ministry to your church