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InsightGraphs enable you to compare operating percentage data from your church with operating percentage data from other Twin Cities churches. You get 18 powerful graphs to see the movement and interactions of your church with clarity never before seen!
Available for churches with 200 or more attendance
In the modern world, data drives everything. Answers are in the data!
Compare your church with
other Twin Cities churches
• Staffing level and payroll costs
• Attendance trends by sector
• Income patterns
• Operating expenses
• Financial condition
• Priorities, strategies and results
• Insights for improvement
Churches grow because of good decisions made. Churches decline because of poor decisions made ... or weak decisions ... or no decisions. There are 3,500,000 people in the Twin Cities, no lack of opportunity!
Decision-making is better, bolder, faster when leaders are equipped with good data – both internal and external – carefully processed, analyzed and presented. That's what your church gets here.

Takes only about an hour of your time. Totally confidential. Our ministry, never any charge.

Micro and Macro

All other sections of this site give a macro view of the Twin Cities spiritual landscape and the WHOLE CHURCH of the Twin Cities (3,400+ individual congregations), but this section gives the micro view of just your church.

The other sections look outward at the community and other churches, but this section looks inward at your church with penetrating quantitative analysis.

This is where you can compare your church in detail with other Twin Cities churches, covering five year's time and dozens of parameters. You get deep insights for tracking trends and spotting problems and opportunities.

Your church will make the best decisions when your leaders have good macro data AND good micro data, both of which you can get from this site.

What are InsightGraphs?

InsightGraphs are a set of 18 graphs covering every aspect of your church, generated from information you have already reported to your congregation.

Your data is converted by computer into percentages and then drawn as analytic graphs that compare years, functions, attendance, costs, staffing and other metrics, comparing your church side-by-side with other local churches.

You don't have to fill out a lot forms or do any data entry. Just send copies of the Annual Reports you gave to your congregation over the past five years, and Church Scouts does the rest.

You will be able to see your church with depth and clarity you've never seen before, and you see your church in context with other churches around you.

This is a professional analytics service offered free to churches in the Twin Cities MN metro area with weekly worship attendance of 200 or more.

InsighGraphs gives an understanding of the inner workings of your church over time that is too complex for the human mind to discern without computer assistance.

InsightGraphs give you deep insights, ideas and confidence for making strategic decisions affecting church growth.

Why InsightGraphs?

Data doesn't do much good if it's scattered pieces in different places ... or if related pieces are not in compatible format for comparison ...or if raw data hasn't been processed and put in graphic form for easy comprehension ... or if the whole set is not in hand at the time and place it's needed for study or for a group meeting ... or ...

Very few churches have have a good data package, so most church leaders are left mostly in the dark about subtle underlying currents in the church and about the way those currents effect each other.

Very few churches know what other churches are doing, so leaders don't have a way of putting their data in context with what's happening around them.

Even if a pastor and a few key leaders have good instinctive understanding, what they know in their minds is not easily and quickly transmitted in depth to other leaders, particularly to new team members. Without visual presentation, there's always uncertainty about whether or not everyone is getting the same message and the same emphasis.

InsightGraphs is the solution for these problems.


InsightGraphs is a computerized analytics program developed entirely by Church Scouts exclusively for Twin Cities churches.

It has been designed from the ground up for the specific purpose of helping local pastors and church leaders get instant access to critical data they need about their own church – in a form that's easy to understand and easy to communicate – in order to make better, faster, bolder decisions about church growth.

InsightGraphs is not in any way derived from, affiliated with, or connected to any other system or organization. It is completely independent and private, and there is no exchange of data with other entities.


Even though you can compare your data with other churches, and other churches can compare their data with you, there is complete confidentiality for every church.

All raw numbers are converted to percentages, and churches are never named (only a confidential ID number known only to that church.

This is the same system that trade associations use to share industry data and yet preserve confidentiality among competitors.


InsightGraphs is a free service from Church Scouts.

ChurchScouts is a ministry – not a business – so there is never any charge. And no solicitations or advertising.

Church Scouts is a group of local Christian business professionals who volunteer skills, time and money to help Twin Cities churches.

They know how important modern analytics is for commerce, education and government and want to bring those benefits to churches. They personally pay all costs of developing and operating ChurchGraphs.

Church Scouts even does all data entry from your Annual Reports, so there's never any drain on your time or money.

for full sample set

For pastors and leaders

InsightGraphs are not designed for your congregation, only your leadership. In fact, the data – even though it was presented at the annual meeting – is password protected here. Only certain church leaders (determined by senior pastor) get the password to the private section.

InsightGraphs are designed for helping the church's top-level decision-makers.

Too much detail is confusing and needs to be summarized. Trends and comparisons need to be expressed in percentages and graphed. Your church data needs to be set in context relative to other churches.

InsightGraphs carries just the right type and amount of data to equip pastors and church leaders for making strategic decisions about church growth.

Comparison churches

For confidentiality, each of the other Twin Cities comparison churches is identified only by an ID number known only to that church.

The five comparison churches are selected by computer because of similarities in size and character.

As an analysis tool, InsightGraphs enables you to spot a church that seems to be doing things very well – or very poorly – and then use the church ID to track through the charts for each parameter to get an understanding of why that church is getting those results.

As the number of InsightGraphs users increases, some summary statistics and analysis will be presented from time to time in the private section of this site regarding the performance of all participating churches, so you will be able to see an overview of all churches in addition to detail from five comparison churches similar to yours.

Reason for size limit

InsightGraphs are offered only to churches in the Twin Cities MN metro with weekly worship attendance of 200 or more.

For purposes of confidentiality, comprehension and comparison, all raw numbers are converted to percentages, but percentages can change drastically with small raw numbers. In a small congregation, the gain or loss of even a few families can have a significant effect on percentages but may not represent a significant trend.

Metrics of large churches cannot be compared directly with metrics of small churches. Structure and stability of churches change considerably after they cross the 200 attendance barrier.

Because of the great variance in the way small churches operate, comparing one of these churches with another is usually meaningless or even misleading.

In small churches, the pastor and leaders usually have instinctive understanding of what's happening at every level within their church and have less need for numbers and analysis to guide them.

Only source

InsightGraphs is your only source for getting direct comparative data on other Twin Cities churches around you.

Without comparative data, you're in the dark without knowing to what extent your numbers are good or bad, especially relative to societal conditions beyond your control, and you're not getting clear markers to show where changes should be made.

Your church can learn from what other churches are doing.


The analytics package – the micro data – for your church is online for instant access at any time from any computers, laptop, tablet, smart phone, TV, projectors or any other device connected to the Internet ... can be sent by email or texting ... and prints beautifully as a PDF from any desktop printer.

To access your InsightGraphs, simply append your confidential ID to this site. Example:


For assistance in interpreting the graphs and converting this new knowledge into action, help is available in the Interpretation/Action section of this site or by sending an email to

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