Videos 3 - Purpose of Life

12 random video interviews with Millennials
Minneapolis streets / Summer 2018
Millennials (ages 18-38) – the population segment now shaping our churches – are interviewed at random on Twin Cities streets to see what they think about God, Bible, sin, heaven/hell, church and other spiritual matters. Seventy-two interviews have been completed, and more than a hundred more are planned. This is a continuous research project, reported on this site, to help improve communication with the post-Christian generation.
When you're passing people on the street, do you sometimes wonder what kind of spiritual thoughts they have ...

Well, we decided to ask these twelve Millennials ...
What's the purpose of life?
We stopped these Millennials at random on the streets of Minneapolis ...
...and asked them what they believe ...
... so we know starting points in spiritual conversation with them ...
Now CLICK for their answers on video:
What's the point?
This is the thinking that's shaping modern culture and challenging our churches.
Listening to street interviews help church leaders understand Millennials, the future of our country. Christians must learn how converse intelligently and persuasively with the new generation and explain the gospel in terms they can understand.
Communication needs to start from their perspective, not ours. Preaching rarely works with them.
When Christians talk to people outside the church in the same language and with the same assumptions as they talk to people inside the church, it's like two ships passing in the night ... and the church will continue to decline.
Church Scouts is working with pastors, evangelists and communication specialists to find and test effective new ways of connecting with Millennial thinking. You will find periodic reports and practical helps for Twin Cities church leaders on this site.
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