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Compare your church side-by-side with others
Other local churches are dealing with the same problems and opportunities as your church. How are they responding to the changing conditions? What success are they having? What can you learn from them? Now there's a way to compare what they're doing with what you're doing. You get valuable insights!
For churches with more than 200 average weekly worship attendance
Church Scouts has developed a computerized analytics program just for Twin Cities churches. It takes data from your last five year's annual reports (what you gave to your congregation) and converts the numbers into percentages and draws comparison charts like the examples shown here.

The charts become part of your online Dashboard, described in the Dashboard section of this site.

The charts are free of charge, a ministry of Church Scouts, who also does all data entry.

Just give Church Scouts a copy of the financial and attendance pages of the annual report you have already prepared and distributed to your congregation or Board/Council. Church Scouts does the rest for you.
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IDEA: Compare your church with other churches
Get statistics from other local churches ... set side-by-side with your church ... compare and learn from attendance trends by activity ... staffing levels ... operating costs ... financial condition ... see Dashboard.